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Some recent cases:

Assisted the main owner group of a listed (Stockholm) company in developing a strategy for handling a conflict with the management and board.

Total Management Group has adviced the owners of Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium AB in Sweden for their turnover project. The project has included risk capital infusion and equity increase.

Pearl is Sweden's foremost microphone manufacturer. The company was founded in 1941 and produces a comprehensive range of high-end microphones. Products are hand crafted in Sweden.

We will now work closely together with Pearl's management to further build on the Pearl brand, reinforce the global distribution and promote new designs. Sven Olof Andersson takes on the role as Chairman of the Board at Pearl Mikrofonlaboratorium AB.


·    Helped a software start-up evaluating offers from a Swiss bank for financing.
·    Took the lead in developing a business case for a Bio-Tech university spin-off.
·    Interim management for a Swiss start-up.
·    Advised a Scandinavian company in the aerospace industry on how to find partners in Switzerland.

For an electronics producer in Switzerland, we deviced a strategy for managing currencies in a volatile market surrounding. The company had a problem because it bought and sold products in several different currencies. We helped them to reset currencies with key vendors and thereby achieving a natural hedging.

For a German transport company with world-wide operations, TMG was contracted to assist with the company's Credit Management. The isses was that the company's clients did not pay on time. Originally, TMG was asked to develop efficient reminder letters which was believed to be the answer!

However, after a careful analysis, we quickly identified a number of internal issues which presented the root cause. For instance:

- The company's invoices lacked critical information, delaying the invoice approval process of the clients.
- There was no clear understanding of who was in charge of customer contacts, credit accountants or account managers.
- Credit managers were not accustomed to customer contacts and needed coaching and training.
- There was no unified definition of delayed payment, which led to misunderstanding as to how much money actually was outstanding.

At the end of a two-month project, the company's credit line and cash balance had been improved by more than EUR 2 million.

This work was done in cooperation with Tomato AG.

For a Swiss bank, TMG performed an assessment of a start-up venture in support of the bank's decision to provide venture capital to the start-up. The analysis included a financial feasibility overview as well as an assessment of market assumptions.

The start-up company is a high-tech software company, developing and selling a product which will help corporations to improve their usage of real-estate.

The case was successfully presented to the bank's investment board.